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About Us

Jazeera Aitzhanova-Founder-Humming Cup Premium Organic Tea


My name is Jazeera Aitzhanova, the Founder of Humming Cup Tea. My love for tea began as a child growing up in Kazakhstan. Kazakhs are serious tea drinkers! Tea is served with all meals and snacks during the day, so you cannot escape it – tea and hospitality is a part of Kazakh culture.

Austin is my new home, and I realized that tea drinking is not a big part of American life and finding a quality loose leaf tea was a challenge. It was not so much the tea itself I was missing; but the cherished moments that this wholesome drink brings. Missing the tea time spent with my family and friends, I wanted to bring the tradition and delicious accessibility of premium teas to Austin—and beyond.

And so, the spirit behind the endeavor of Humming Cup Premium Organic Teas came to life. At Humming Cup, our customers can purchase different varieties of amazing premium quality teas from all over the world. To be responsible and sustainable is what identifies my company. We work only with reliable sources of tea. The high quality of our tea promotes health without the harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers. And we always seek opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and pollution.

It is my hope that Humming Cup Premium Organic Tea will become a greater part of American culture and that it will bring health and cherished moments to people in Austin—and throughout the country.

Sip on,
Jazeera Aitzhanova