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Organic English Breakfast Tea


12 organic tea pyramids.

Nothing starts the day like English breakfast. This popular black tea hails from England and is known for its brisk, invigorating flavor and strong caffeine content. Every household must have a box of English Breakfast. We recommend pairing with eggs and meat, and adding a little cream or sugar. English breakfast also makes a robust iced tea. Our teabags are biodegradable and easy to use. Organic, responsibly-sourced and sustainable.

Ingredients: Premium blend of organic black teas from India, China, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Caffeine: High.

Antioxidant level: Very high.

Steeping Instructions: Heat water to 212 F (100C). Add 1 tea pyramid per 8 oz of water (use only purified or spring water). Steep 3-5 minutes. After steeping remove the tea to prevent astringent taste.

Allergen Information: Manufactured on the same facility with tree nuts, almonds, coconuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, wheat, soybeans and gluten. 

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Customer Reviews

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John Gering
Unqualified Recommendation

Best tea I’ve had


Perfect potency! My favorite English breakfast tea by far- organic and full leaf

My favourite tea

My favourite tea. Always organic, always strong + fragrant, always packaged with love and care. Thank you Jazeera <3


This is a great take on a classic tea. It’s a nice switch from coffee as part of my morning routine. It’s bold but not too bold, light, and perfect with a dash of milk and sugar. I sometimes substitute honey for the sugar and it works, too.