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Organic Jasmine Gold Dragon Green Tea

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12 organic tea pyramids.

This seasonal small-batch crafted, non-fermented premium Gold Dragon green tea is infused with May jasmine flowers. The tea can be infused up to three times, yielding an amazing bright emerald liqueur. It pairs well with spicy food, meat and poultry, and is great for making healthy ice tea.

Ingredients: Organic Gold Dragon green tea from the Fujian and Jiangxi Provinces in China.

Caffeine: Low.

Antioxidant Level: Very high.

Steeping Instructions: Heat purified or spring water to 180 F (82 C). Add 1 tea pyramid per 8 oz of water. Steep 2-3 minutes. After steeping remove the tea to prevent astringent taste.

Allergen Information: Manufactured on the same facility with tree nuts, almonds, coconuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, wheat, soybeans and gluten.